• Extra Large, with a Side of Fries

    I grew up on superhero comics. Spiderman and the X-Men were my favorites in the beginning. Righteous heroes in brightly colored spandex saving the world from dastardly villains. I stayed mostly on the Marvel side until I finally read The Dark Knight Returns and absolutely had my mind blown. I had never read a comic… Read more

  • …right in the nostalgia!

    I am three episodes into Paper Girls on Amazon Prime and I. Am. Loving it. As someone who grew up right through the rip roaring 80s, this show hits all my buttons. Latch key kids, riding around on their bikes getting into all kinds of trouble, this isn’t just my jam, this was actually my… Read more

  • Enter the DragonCon, 2022

    Back from Atlanta and had a blast at DragonCon last weekend! I’ve been to smaller cons before, but this was my first “big league” con and, wow, what an experience. I think this year’s attendance was capped at 60,000 and even that was a little overwhelming. I can’t imagine what it will be like next… Read more

  • The Sandman – e6, The Sound of Her Wings

    If you aren’t watching The Sandman on Netflix yet…well, why not? It. Is. Amazing! I own the entire run of Sandman in trade paperbacks (not savvy enough to have collected them as monthlies), and while I love the entire run, there are a few storylines that (for whatever reason) resonate with me and have remained… Read more

  • Umbrella Academy, s3 – thoughts

    Just finished season three of Umbrella Academy on Netflix last night and still really enjoying one of the best comics adaptations on TV right now. (Along with Sandman, Netflix is killing it!) Spoilers below… . . . . . . Full disclosure, Hotel Oblivion is the one arc I haven’t read yet, but I will… Read more

  • Current Reads: The Art of Prophecy

    The Art of Prophecy starts with the dazzlingly simple idea: What if the prophesied hero…isn’t? Read more