• Wading into the Pool

    Wading into the Pool

    Well, the past couple of weeks have been … a lot. After more than two decades both in my career and in southern California, I stepped away from my career and moved out of California! I am now in the Pacific Northwest, and with both feet firmly in my new career as an author! So… Read more

  • The Only Constant is Change

    The Only Constant is Change

    This post is a bit off cycle because I wanted it to come out on a Wednesday. This exact Wednesday, in fact. Because today, March 1, 2023, is my last day at my day job. As of today, I am giving up the luxuries of a steady paycheck, employer sponsored healthcare, 401(k) contributions, and corporate-mandated… Read more

  • Singapore – the City of the Future, Today! (Winter Break, pt III)

    Singapore – the City of the Future, Today! (Winter Break, pt III)

    On our year-end trip we broke away from Vietnam for five days to visit Singapore! I’ve heard rave stories about S’pore from friends for years, and since watching Crazy Rich Asians, this place has been on my list. Let’s dive in! Firstly, Singapore (to me) is the city of cities. A tiny city-state, this place… Read more

  • Killing Time Across the Pacific (Winter Break, pt II)

    Killing Time Across the Pacific (Winter Break, pt II)

    Most trans-Pacific flights are in the neighborhood of twelve to fourteen hours. That’s a lot of time to spend on your butt. Granted, you hope to spend some of that time sleeping, but I’ve argued for years now that sleep on an airplane does not equal sleep in a bed. Maybe one day I’ll get… Read more

  • What I Did Over Winter Break (part I)

    What I Did Over Winter Break (part I)

    *whew* As of me writing these words I have been back in the states for two days and boy the the jet lag smack me around today. My family spent the last three weeks in Vietnam (visiting my wife’s family) and Singapore (generally eating and having a gluttonous time). I hadn’t been back to Asia… Read more

  • 2022 in Review

    2022 in Review

    And in the blink of an eye, another year had passed. So, the last few weeks ended up being quite a bit more hectic than I had anticipated, causing this year-end post to come out much later than I had expected. Such is life, especially during times of change! There are things in motion that… Read more