• What I Did Over Winter Break (part I)

    *whew* As of me writing these words I have been back in the states for two days and boy the the jet lag smack me around today. My family spent the last three weeks in Vietnam (visiting my wife’s family) and Singapore (generally eating and having a gluttonous time). I hadn’t been back to Asia… Read more

  • 2022 in Review

    And in the blink of an eye, another year had passed. So, the last few weeks ended up being quite a bit more hectic than I had anticipated, causing this year-end post to come out much later than I had expected. Such is life, especially during times of change! There are things in motion that… Read more

  • Falling Down at the Finish Line

    I was going to write a year-end wrap up post this weekend, but even with as busy as December will be for me (more on that much later) I’m reasonably sure I can squeeze out another blog next week. Which leaves me just enough time to rave– er, rant, about the most recent Disney+ series… Read more

  • Foster – Flash Fiction

    I made it to the final round of this year’s NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest! Read more

  • Basketball?

    Something a little different this week. I actually went to an amazing writing conference last week, and I was planning to blog about that this week, but then this showed up in my feed and derailed my brain. Don’t worry, I’ll talk about the writing seminar next time. But in case your sports bone is… Read more

  • Going the Distance

    It isn’t often that I will read a series to its conclusion. There is just so much media out there to soak up, not just books, but tv, movies, comics. It’s hard to keep track of everything, and even if I really like something, it’s tough to remember to stay current with it when there… Read more