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Welcome to post-apocalyptic Seattle, the center of magic and chaos, where vampires, ghosts, and demons prowl the streets in never-ending twilight and the Seattle Slayers fight for humanity’s survival. A new urban fantasy series coming in 2022! A brand new short story in the Seattle Slayers universe is coming soon to beta readers. Join our new mailing list to read it first! Until then, here’s a little taste…

“Delightful Distractions”

The sign had lavish swirling gold font against a shiny black facade. It had the feel of a corner bistro in Paris, with red checkered tablecloths and high backed velvet sofas. People lounged inside, beverages forgotten on the low tables while they wrapped themselves into passionate tangles. As we watched, a blonde head of curls plastered against the plate glass interior. The rest of her followed as a taller woman leaned in and pulled down her blouse, exposing her pale neck and shoulder. The vamp opened her mouth, fangs extended.


I yanked on the young boy’s arm. “Come on, Finn. We don’t have time for–”

A slender hand with delicately tapered fingers and glossy red nails slithered over Finn’s other shoulder. “Of course there’s time. There’s always time.” 

The willowy woman attached to the hand appeared behind Finn as if she’d materialized out of the darkness. Her eyes and hair were the shining black of polished ebony and her skin was a deep brown. The little black dress she wore barely qualified for that distinction, leaving nothing of her figure to the imagination as it clung to her like wet tissue paper. Around her legs the dress dissolved into dark mist that swayed with her movements.

Finn’s eyes glazed over as the vampire traced a manicured nail along his jaw. The vamp’s magic swept out from her in a wave, igniting a pool of hot, ravenous desire in my belly. Finn blushed, fever-bright and he wobbled, his legs turning to jelly under the vamp’s influence.

She nuzzled against his neck, her lips brushing over his skin. “Wanna come inside?”

Slayer basic training included one tip for warding off vampire charms–pain. I bit the inside of my cheek until it bled, the coppery taste flooding my mouth and making me gag. “No! Say no!”

I was only two steps away but it felt like two hundred. I dragged myself across the distance and kicked Finn in the shins. “Say no!”

Finn’s eyes popped open and blue-white sparks of electricity sizzled from his hands. “Ow! No! Roxy, what–”

The vampire hissed and pulled back, batting the sparks off her dress. She pouted. “Oh, poo. You’re no fun.” 

I froze in place as I sensed a very large, very male presence behind me. “They’re Slayers, Raven. They’re trained to not have fun.”

The vamp stepped around me, his hand hovering bare millimeters over my shoulder. He wore a slim, fitted suit in a color somewhere between blue and black, the same flat color as his eyes. His hair had a slight wave to it, the inky black stuff a match to Raven’s long tresses. He smiled, a deep dimple creasing his brown cheeks. At that warm smile, the hot pool in my belly threatened to boil over. Even the flash of his fangs didn’t diminish my heated response.

I ground my teeth. “Like I told you last time, Tyee, the answer is no.”

Raven hadn’t removed her arm from Finn. 

I put my hand on my hammer, the smooth feel of the wooden handles comforting against my palm. I’d lovingly sanded those to a razor sharp point at each end, giving me that added edge for staking a vamp.

Tyee placed his hand on my wrist, his fingers cool to the touch and yet somehow burning hot. “There’s no need for that, Roxy. Raven, our Slayer friends have declined our hospitality for today.” Tyee snapped his fingers at the sultry brunette.

She pouted, her perfect bow lips entrancing me as they moved. In a moment, the wave of lust faded and I was merely left with annoyance rather than the sizzling desire to be alone with these beautiful specimens. Damn vamps.

“Another time then, pet?” Raven gave Finn’s red hair a lingering tug and tucked it behind his ear.

I glanced over at Tyee, his chiseled jaw and high cheekbones catching my eye. Even without Raven’s entrancing magic, I still felt his pull. I wanted to lean in closer to him, feel the protective shield of his body like I had once before. The crisp white collar of his shirt opened to reveal the strong lines of his neck and an expanse of smooth brown skin. Tyee wore a white shell necklace with a Chinook totem, the salmon. The charms were normally silver but his was wood. Of course, because the silver would burn him. Because he was a vampire. 

I clenched my teeth. He’d saved my neck once and I’d thanked him politely. Any more was asking for trouble. I was not hooking up with Tyee. Not today, not ever. 

Raven moved across the street, her filmy skirts fluttering and her eyes already fixed on new prey. She angled herself towards a small group walking north. Even at this distance the brush of her magic rekindling was another blow to my gut. I stumbled backwards and Tyee caught me by the arms.

“Roxy, I didn’t realize you were so eager.” His voice was dry.

I scowled. “Ha ha. Let go of me.”  

He did, but not before he gave my arms a gentle squeeze. 

It made me think of those big hands elsewhere on my body, which just pissed me off. “Stay out of my way, Tyee and tell Raven to leave Finn alone.”

His dark eyes seemed to twinkle with amusement. “Or what?”

I took a step towards him, my hand sweeping back my duster and falling onto the hammer in my holster.

“Really, Roxy? You don’t even have your ink.”

I snarled at him and my fist clenched around the hammer.

Tyee bared his teeth fully now. “Careful now, tenas. You never know who might be watching.”

His head dipped ever so slightly to his left and damn my eyes I took the bait. My gaze snapped to my right for a split second and found…absolutely nothing. Tyee had also melted away into the night, leaving me with nothing but frustration and annoyance.

I stalked after Finn. Vamps I couldn’t stake or drain were a waste of my time. Tyee Wilder was not my business. I had a real job tonight.

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