• Control Strategy

    Control Strategy

    In our upcoming Cold War series, the men and women of the Union Wolves overcome harrowing injuries with the help of some incredible prosthetic devices. Indeed, futuristic prostheses have long been a staple of sci-fi and pop culture. To give you and idea of how far we have to go, here’s an example of some… Read more

  • First steps…

    First steps…

    The Ringhead aliens have arrived, and they are xenoforming the Earth, sending mankind towards a new Ice Age. Year 2107. It’s the longest night of the year when they appear. Scientists are baffled by two alien constructs that have pierced the planet at each hemisphere. Keenan and his pack of Union Wolves are first in… Read more

  • Nostalgia

    Blade Runner is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s got it all: the hard-boiled cop, renegade androids, and the hypnotic cyberpunk backdrop. I was pretty worried when I heard about the proposed sequel. Harrison Ford has been known to do a turkey of a sequel now and then. And then the full trailer dropped.… Read more

  • First Post!

    Hey there! However you managed to find me, thanks for stopping by to visit. As you can see, it’s bare bones around here for now. Eventually there will be content related to my writing and sci-fi interests, especially up and coming prosthetic technologies. For now, please visit my co-author, Julia Vee, for the latest updates… Read more