Blade Runner is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s got it all: the hard-boiled cop, renegade androids, and the hypnotic cyberpunk backdrop.

I was pretty worried when I heard about the proposed sequel. Harrison Ford has been known to do a turkey of a sequel now and then.

And then the full trailer dropped.

Pretty sexy. We’ve got our noir detective, the human/android conflict, and the neon-drenched cityscape. There’s the eye imagery, ziggurats, and sexy women. It definitely calls out a lot to the original. Although there is also precedent for not doing that too much either (hey, another movie with Ford!)

Right next to Blade Runner, for me, is Ghost in the Shell (the anime, mind you.) Both movies evoke a lot of the same emotions for me, and both have a similar feel, where the city itself is a large part of the storytelling. So far, the trailer tells me they got the visuals right, so that makes me feel better about it. Guess I’ll have to fork out my $15 to see if they got the story-telling right.

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