Reflections on Launch Week

As I write this blog entry (for this sorely neglected blog) Ebony Gate has been out in the world for just over two weeks. In those two weeks, I have traveled nearly the entire length of the west coast of the US, stretching from Seattle, WA and down to San Diego, CA.

You can’t tell by the picture, but I’m nervous as all heck here!

My first stop was at Third Place Books Ravenna, Seattle, WA.

This was literally the first time I’d been out in public to talk about my book. I’d practiced the passage I was going to read the night before. I knew what kind of questions to expect, since Julia and I had been on a few podcast interviews already.

And still, my stomach was tied up in knots from nervous energy. It wasn’t until about an hour after it was over that I finally started feeling like myself again.

The event itself was great, and the staff at Third Place were all fantastic. Really, indie booksellers don’t get enough love in this world, and everyone should do what they can to support these businesses. I had a really nice group of people who came out to support me, and ask nice questions about the book and how we wrote it. You’d think that talking about a book that I’ve been basically living in for three years would be a piece of cake, but alas, I was wrong.

Still, I had a lot of fun doing it, and the festivity of launching Ebony Gate has been a distinct contrast with the “business-as-usual” type of launch around our indie published titles. Perhaps we will try to make those a bit more celebratory?

And, look! Boba! Cupcakes! Who doesn’t want boba and cupcakes for every book launch!?

mmm… pineapple mountain tea w/ almond jelly…

After a short one-night stay in Seattle, I headed down to Irvine, CA next, for an event at the Barnes and Noble at Irvine Spectrum. For this event, our schedules aligned, so Julia and I were both able to attend! Before I moved to the PNW, I lived in Irvine for over twenty years, so it was really nice to have an event in the city I called home for so long.

And the folks at the BN Irvine Spectrum did not disappoint!

My jaw about hit the floor when I saw the stack of books the staff rolled out for us. Then the event actually started and we had so many people show up to listen to us talk about the book! It was amazing! (My stomach was still tied in knots afterwards.)

All told, the first week of launch was incredible. Meeting readers in person was an amazing and humbling experience. The cupcakes, boba, and cakepops were just the icing on the cake.

But wait, I said San Diego, didn’t I?

Come back next week and I’ll tell you about a magical place called, Comic Con.

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