Current Reads: The Art of Prophecy

The Art of Prophecy – Wesley Chu

It’s been a while since a book as sucked me in so securely from the first chapter. So many books start with the “What if…?” premise, and honestly, it’s hard to get that premise just right. The Art of Prophecy starts with the dazzlingly simple idea: What if the prophesied hero…isn’t?

We’ve all read the books where the Chosen One is an OP, just flat out amazing at skills that have been lost to memory, or taking techniques to new, unheard of heights. But what if the prophesied hero is just…meh? He looks great on the outside, but once you scrape past the thin chocolate coating you’ve got…nothing.

The first chapter of Wesley Chu’s book drops you in with a bang, following Ling Taishi, a grizzled war veteran, as she takes in a demonstration by Wen Jian, the hero foretold. Of course, nothing gets by Taishi’s weathered eyes, and soon enough, she discerns the flimsy veneer of Jian’s so-called talent. But the kingdom still needs its hero, and it is now apparently up to Taishi to make something of this false savior.

I’m only 6-7 chapters in and loving this. The characters are all unique, the world building has wonderful flavor and depth, and the action is breathtaking. I’m looking forward to devouring this in the next week or so.

This will also be our next read-along in our Facebook group. If you’d like to follow along with us, you can join the group here, and discuss with us starting next week!

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