Stakes and Bones – Coming Soon!

If you’re here because you’ve been following my read-along for weeks and week, thank you very much! As I said last week, the experience of reading The Legend of the Condor Heroes was very gratifying. I’m also glad I got the chance to read it and share my experiences with my mom. For her it was a seminal work of wuxia fiction from her teenaged years.

If you’ve been following anything else of mine, you know that we took the Seven Freaks of the South as loose inspiration for a band of fighters who defend a magic-drenched Seattle from shifters, vampires, and Fae. This series is Seattle Slayers and follows Roxy Lim as she enters the city to try to both fulfill her father’s legacy as a Slayer, and also find a cure for her dying mother. We’ve finally finished our draft of book on, Stakes and Bones, and we’re just now putting the spit polish on it. It is up for pre-order right now, and will also be available on Kindle Unlimited. Please check it out!

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