Ken Bebelle

Magic – Monsters – Mayhem

Hi, I’m Ken Bebelle.

Thanks for coming to visit my small corner of the interwebs.

My love of science fiction led me to a career in prosthetics. While not quite as glamorous as books had led me to believe, it has nonetheless been a very rewarding career. Now everything is coming full circle as I’m trying my hand at writing science fiction, something that was a dream of mine when I was younger.

On an ordinary day, I can usually be found driving around Orange County, CA attending to patients. In my spare time (ha!) my lovely wife and I wrangle our two monkeys through the terrors of adolescence.

I am currently collaborating on a military science fiction project. You can bet I’m going to work in some really cool futuristic prosthetics, which are all grounded in current technologies. Sign up for my mailing list, or watch this blog for updates about our progress, exclusive content, and occasional ramblings on science fiction and artificial limbs.

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